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Our professional, committed, and responsible approach to construction has enabled us to design, develop and deliver large, complex projects across the region.

Market leader with a vast portfolio and long history

With an extensive experience in the market, PRO-ING has established itself as a prominent player, boasting a cutting-edge business that has consistently achieved remarkable success by delivering complex projects both in Serbia and throughout the region.









Your partner for delivering most exceptional construction solutions

We provide premium services from start to finish, delivered on time and with high standards.


Positive impact through design solutions

With each project, we seek to leave a lasting positive impression through our design solutions


Long tradition of construction work

With commitment to quality, we continue to build upon the trust in the construction sector


Wide range of consulting activities

Our expertise allows us to provide consulting services with innovative solutions

Our portfolio of clients

Experience across different industries and sectors

We thrive on taking on projects that push the boundaries and require innovative solutions.

Our strength lies within our long-standing line of work

For over 75 years, our success in delivering innovative, market-leading engineering, construction, and design solutions to complex civil construction projects can be attributed to our rich legacy as we all the collective strength.

The foundation of our achievements lies in the mutual trust we have developed with our clients, fostering long-lasting partnerships built on reliability and exceptional results.

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